11 September 2020

Hospital radio team at Conquest Hospital win award

The hospital radio team at Conquest Hospital, who provide a free service to patients, hospital staff and the wider community, has won an award for the ‘Leading Provider of Hospital Radio Services in the South East of England’ from the Corporate Vision Magazine Media Innovators Award.

Graham Belchamber and Chris Gentry from Conquest Hospital Radio with their award

Graham Belchamber and Chris Gentry from Conquest Hospital Radio with their award

Conquest Hospital Radio has been broadcasting their free service for 45 years and broadcasts 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and continued to broadcast without a break during the current pandemic crisis. Patients can listen via their bedside media centre, or online at www.conquesthospitalradio.co.uk or via Alexa, Amazon, and Google streaming services. The radio station is run by volunteers and raises its own funds.

Conquest Hospital Radio Chair, Chris Gentry said; “The Conquest Hospital Radio team are immensely proud to receive this prestigious award. It adds to the positive feedback we receive from patients and their families and the excellent partnership we have with the Conquest Hospital.”

“We were required to send in a detailed submission to the judging panel showing our coverage, listener statistics and the number and range of advertisers we have. It took a lot of work preparing it and we were truly made up when it was announced that we had won the award. Receiving this award reflects just how hard the Conquest Hospital Radio team of broadcasters, ward request collectors, fund raisers and regular supporters work to deliver our vital service to patients.”

“This award adds to the feedback we receive from patients who find our service a great morale booster and improves their experience whilst in the Conquest Hospital. We are very pleased that during the pandemic crisis we continued to broadcast without a break to patients, staff and the wider community and we highlighted the valuable services provided by all Conquest Hospital staff.”

Conquest Hospital Radio has grown from four enthusiasts recording programmes at home and broadcasting them from a tape player in a cupboard at the Royal East Sussex Hospital in Cambridge Road, Hastings, to a team of dedicated volunteers broadcasting from a studio at Conquest Hospital. They receive around 10,000 requests a year from patients on the wards via ward collectors who visit the wards, as well as requests sent in by email, to studio answerphone or via Facebook.