23 June 2022

Programme Manager wins ‘Hero of the Month’ award

Hayley Barron, Programme Manager, has won our ‘Hero of the Month’ award.

Hayley was nominated by Kirsty Watts, Head of Programme Support Office, and Simon Dowse, Head of Strategy.

Steve Phoenix, Chairman with Hayley Barron, Digital Programme Manager

Kirsty said: “Hayley has project managed the work to establish Sussex Premier Health, the new name for all Private activity undertaken across the Trust, in addition to taking on a new role as Digital Programme Manager.

“Hayley has demonstrated all the Trust values through her co-ordination of the different workstreams, liaising with many individuals as well as showing empathy for how the staff transferring may be feeling pre- and post-transfer. Hayley is a dedicated and diligent member of the team, who goes above and beyond to ensure successful delivery of projects that she is involved with.

“Hayley will say it was a team effort and that many staff were involved, but she has been a key driver of the project and was fundamental in ensuring the transfer went as smoothly as possible.”

Simon said: “Hayley sat at the centre of all the work streams and stakeholders and was essential to the project’s delivery. After a year of intense work and resolving multiple challenges, we completed the transition on time and as planned. The new facility is up and running and seeing patients.”

Steve Phoenix, Chairman, presented Hayley with a certificate and a Love2Shop voucher.

The ‘Hero of the Month’ award recognises the great work of colleagues who demonstrate how our values are lived out as part of everyday working life.

Each month, members of staff nominate their colleagues for this award. Eight divisional heroes of the month are then selected by divisional leads and these nominations go forward to be selected as our overall ‘Hero of the Month’ by the Trust Executive team.