26 January 2023

Congratulations to Glyn, our Hero of the Month!

Glyn Hards joined the trust in July 2022 and was ‘new to role’, having previously worked as a chef. He was nominated for and won our Hero of the Month award just five months’ later – well done Glyn! His nominator said:

“Glyn has developed his skills so incredibly well. When Glyn arrived, he had never used a laptop, so his learning curve has been immense. Since he started, not only has he learned how to manage his laptop, but he has almost completed his Care Certificate and today I had a talk with him about looking for a Band 3 HCA role.

“I also overheard a colleague share with him how all our patients love him. She said, ‘All I hear is good things about Glyn. A particular patient wouldn’t let any of the rest of us take her blood, but she let you.’

“Given the demands of our service and our significant staff shortfall, Glyn has managed his development through the toughest of times. He has gone above and beyond in developing himself and working as part of his team to deliver amazing, good quality care. He demonstrates respect and compassion for his patients, which is reflected in the amazing feedback we receive.

“I am so impressed with Glyn’s commitment to his new role and I cannot wait to see him progress within our team.”