17 March 2023

Donation funds course for people with Type 1 Diabetes

The Diabetes team with Jon Chamberlain, Marshall-Tufflex Managing Director

The Diabetes team with Jon Chamberlain, Marshall-Tufflex Managing Director

A course to help people in East Sussex adjust to living with Type 1 diabetes is being restarted following the Covid pandemic and has been sponsored by a local company for the seventh year.

Marshall-Tufflex, who are based in Hastings, have donated £2736 to cover the administration and development costs of the SADIE (Skills for Adjusting Diet and Insulin in East Sussex) course, which is run by our diabetes team.

SADIE offers participants an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to confidently self-manage their diabetes with no food limitations or restrictions on their daily activities. The course runs for five days over a five week period, with four courses held each year, two in Bexhill and two in Eastbourne.

Alison Hoy, Diabetes Specialist Nurse said: “We are very grateful to Marshall-Tufflex for their continued support. Evidence from data collected from those who have participated in SADIE shows a reduction in their long-term blood glucose levels, an improvement in quality of life and stability in weight. The SADIE course has been running since 2004 benefiting people with Type 1 diabetes in East Sussex.”

“Jon Chamberlain, Marshall-Tufflex Managing Director, said: “Marshall-Tufflex is very proud to be able to support the SADIE programme. The course arms people with diabetes with invaluable skills and information to adjust to life with diabetes. We’re delighted to be sponsoring the programme for the seventh year running.”

Places for the SADIE course are limited due to its popularity. Anyone with Type 1 diabetes who would like more information should ask their GP or contact the hospital diabetes team for more information.