18 May 2023

Dr Raj Sharma is our Hero of the Month!

Well done to Dr Rajiv Sharma, Lead Medical Examiner within the bereavement team, who received our Hero of the Month Award earlier this year.

Raj’s nomination said:

“Dr Sharma always goes above and beyond within his role of Lead Medical Examiner. He has an extensive knowledge base due to his years working as a GP which he can draw on as a medical examiner. Raj is always just a phone call away with any query, he is available for any cover when needed and is a wonderful addition to any team.”

Dr Sharma stepped in as an independent medical examiner and supported the team during a particularly busy period, ensuring that communication with families could happen in a timely manner and freeing up on call medical consultants to stay focused on ward work, thus helping other critical areas of the trust.

Congratulations to Raj, a true Hero of the Month!