19 October 2023

Hello my name is… Juliet

Juliet Page is an admin assistant in the engagement, wellbeing and organisational culture team. We spoke to her about her role what it felt like to be awarded Employee of the Year at the Trust Awards in July.

Juliet Page - Admin Assistant

How long have you been in your current role?

“I started as an admin assistant for engagement and wellbeing in 2019. I moved from the learning and development where I was also an admin assistant for several years.  I have been with the trust since 2001 and started in the Hospital Sterilisation and Decontamination Unit for a few years in the evenings when my children were very young.”

How did you become interested in the role that you are doing?

“I enjoy admin work and was keen to support the team who support and look after our colleagues.  Looking after our colleagues is an important job and I am proud to be part of that team.”

What is the best thing about your role?

“The team I work with – we all support each other and get on really well.  There is great camaraderie. Work is so busy that we don’t always get to talk socially to each other, but we have a WhatsApp group and share laughter and tears on there.”

What do you think people who do not work in your department would be surprised to learn?

“How much work and planning goes into putting on the events and support we offer such as the annual Trust Awards.”

How has your role grown since you started?

“My role has expanded over the last few years. The team has grown since I started, and we offer a lot more events and support groups now.”

Describe one of your favourite work memories.

“Our evenings out have created some great memories but what goes on a night out stays on the night out!  Winning the Employee of Year at the Trust Awards 2023 was a great achievement (although in my eyes we are all winners) and will be a lovely memory which I will always remember.”

I love my role because…

“…of the people I work with. We are a great team who not only support our colleagues but also each other.”