26 October 2023

Claire, our Hero of the Month

June’s Hero of the Month was Claire Wyse, who was a Matron within the out of hospital care team, based at Milton Grange in Eastbourne.

Claire Wise with Chair Steve Pheonix

Claire was nominated by her colleague who said ‘Claire assisted our patient who was choking on some food and then went into cardiac arrest in front of the other patients. Claire managed the situation and made sure everyone knew what to do while she actively helped the patient and managed to clear his airway. Thankfully, he started breathing again.’

‘This patient is now absolutely fine and back to his normal self, but if Claire hadn’t had been there the outcome could have been very different. I will never forget how calm and professional she remained during a very stressful and difficult situation. I am nominating her as I think she truly deserves a medal!’

Congratulations Claire, a real life-saving hero!