11 January 2024

Diabetes and endocrinology team hold face-to-face appointments again

The diabetes and endocrinology team at Eastbourne DGH have started to welcome people for face-to-face consultations again, following a major refurbishment.

The refurbishment works will now mean the team can hold clinical activities again in a safe and comfortable environment. We spoke to Dr David Till, Consultant Endocrinologist and Erwin Castro, Diabetes Nurse Consultant.

Dr Till said: “Through COVID, our team adapted rapidly to offer new and virtual models of practice, with their own benefits, but the value of direct clinical contact cannot be overstated for the support of people with long-term conditions. The building of those partnerships, away from a typical hospital setting, is one of the key factors in patient care. The refurbishment ensures this can continue in a safe and comfortable environment for the team, and our patients.”

Erwin  Castro said: “It is such a great pleasure for the team that the Diabetes and  Endocrinology Centre at Eastbourne DGH is able to hold face to face clinics again. The commitment to provide holistic care for people with diabetes and endocrinology can continue and improve. This will ensure the completion of key care processes for people living with these long-term conditions. There will remain opportunities for virtual and telephone consultations to cater for those who are unable to attend on site appointments”.