11 January 2024

Nationally recognised accreditation for Occupational Health Team

A huge congratulations to our Occupational Health (OH) team for their accreditation assessment, based on the Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Standards SEQOHS 2015.

There are only 185 accredited OH services in the country so this is an outstanding achievement for the team.

SEQOHS Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service Accredited

Any provider of OH Services can apply for SEQOHS accreditation and the standards and minimum requirements reflect existing ethical and professional guidance and consensus and are intended to help OH Services achieve uniform good practice. The SEQOHS accreditation scheme is an integral part of the occupational health service landscape and the recognised industry standard. Used throughout public and private sectors since 2010, SEQOHS provides independent assessment of the provider using standards of safety, effectiveness and quality.

Eligibility for the award of SEQOHS Accreditation has been assessed on the basis of the collection of over 400 documents and observation of the team in July before receiving the official certification in November.

Feedback following assessment stated, feedback stated: “Congratulatory outcome to be given for the innovative way in which the daily safety huddles are completed. This ensures optimum monitoring of staff health, safety and wellbeing, whilst enabling continuous monitoring.”

Sammi Foy, Occupational Health Manager, also praised the team for their hard work and dedication. “During Covid the team had to make huge adjustments in order to be able to carry on providing services to staff, and following this very complex and challenging period they have embarked on a period of modernisation of the service to meet the very high standards of SEQOHS and in order to provide to offer assurance that our people are receiving the best care possible. For the team to now have this nationally recognised accreditation just shows how well they have done.”

Steve Aumayer, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief People Officer said: “Achieving this accreditation takes massive effort and focus and it is an amazing achievement for Occupational Health – congrats to Sammi and the whole OH team. We should be proud as an organisation to have this accreditation and to have the quality of Occupational Health support that we do.”

The accreditation is valid for five years and is huge achievement for the team and for the trust as a whole. Well done to all involved in the process.