26 January 2024

Student of the year award for audiologist Rachel

Huge congratulations to Rachel Crum, audiologist, for receiving the British Audiology Student of the Year award.

Rachel Crum, Audiologist

Rachel completed her MSC in Audiology Science with Clinical Practise at University College London late last year. She has been on placement within the audiology department at the trust for the past year and moved into her permanent role within the team in December.

As an audiologist Rachel works with adults who have hearing difficulties. She completes the initial assessments on patients, provides rehab options and works with them if they need hearing aids. She also educates patients on communication tactics as part of her role and supports them on their treatment journey.

Audiology and the NHS has been quite a career change for Rachel: “I was a chemistry teacher for more than 10 years before I decided I wanted to take on my masters course and make the change. I already had a masters in chemistry so could go straight into my audiology training because of the science nature of both. It was a five-year course. Four of which I chose to do part-time as I also have three small children. When Covid came and lockdown started, juggling home-schooling with completing my own studies was a lot but it has been completely worth it. My fifth and last year had to be full-time as it was my placement. I had already been volunteering in the department and was fortunate I could also do my placement here, as I really like the team.

“The reason I was drawn to working within audiology was that my grandmother had hearing difficulties. Seeing her struggle and knowing how isolating it can be for people made me really want to be able to help them. Within the role I get to use my science background but I also get to help people, to be kind to people all day. It is very rewarding.”

Rachel was nominated by her university for the Student of the Year award for her outstanding academic record and commitment to the course. She attended the British Academy of Audiology conference in Coventry in November where she was presenting her research paper on ‘A systematic review of management of adults with auditory processing disorder’ and was also presented with her award. “I knew I was getting it but couldn’t tell anyone!”

Beside the certificate and award, Rachel will also get to go to Denmark to a world-renowned research facility along with 50 other audiologists from around the world for a five-day conference later on in the year.

Sara-Jane Ray, Advanced audiologist, said: “In the time that Rachel has been with us, she has shown significant development from student to clinician. She has shown an evolution of skill, knowledge and professionalism as she has progressed in her studies. Now she is in her clinical role she has shown the commitment to continued learning and dedication to providing a high level of care for her patients.

“Rachel’s recent award for “Student of the Year” is a fantastic achievement and we are very fortunate to have her in the Audiology department.

“Congratulations Rachel, an amazing achievement.”