21 March 2024

Specialist scopes donated to help with faster patient diagnosis

Two specialist scopes have been donated to the respiratory medicine team, by the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital.

Members of the respiratory team with Harry Walmsley, chair of the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital

The BF-UC290F Endobronchial Ultrasound scopes, will allow us to see more patients quicker leading to quicker diagnosis of cancer and other lung related illnesses – thereby leading to quicker treatment and better patient care outcome.

Respiratory consultant Dr Athanasios Nakos said: “In the fight against lung cancer, one of the most important stages in patient care is early and fast diagnosis. In order to do this it is necessary to take a closer look and collect samples of tissue and fluids from the lungs.

“These procedures are very technical and require specialist scopes to do this. Each scope, between procedures, needs to be clinically cleaned to the highest level for infection control, which thereby limits the amount of procedures that can happen in a session. With the introduction of a further two scopes we will be able to increase our capacity to see patients.

“We would like to thank the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital for their generous donation.”

Dr Harry Walmsley, chair of the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital said: “The Friends are delighted to donate these scopes to the respiratory team, which will benefit so many patients. Donations like this are only possible thanks to the generosity of the local people of Eastbourne supporting the Friends of the Hospital.”