29 April 2024

An amazing 50 years for Ingrid and our Hero of the Month

After an incredible 50 years working for the NHS, this is Ingrid Benge’s last week working in Jubilee Eye Suite at Eastbourne DGH.

An amazing 50 years for Ingrid and our Hero of the Month

Ingrid started as a nurse in 1974, working in the surgical unit between St Mary’s and Princess Alice hospitals in Eastbourne.

Following the building of the hospital in 1976 Ingrid moved there and has remained ever since, firstly on Hailsham ward and then in the Jubilee Eye Suite.

We spoke to Ingrid about her long career with the trust and how she feels about retiring.

“I have worked with so many wonderful people over the years, from many countries and cultures and learnt so much. I knew from a very young age I wanted to be a nurse, I would even bandage up my family dogs and cats when I was a little girl! I always wanted to help care for family members who weren’t feeling well and that need to care has never gone away. Looking after people, caring for them when they really need it the most, is the best part about being a nurse.

The NHS has changed a lot since I started though, mainly for the better. Back when I started it was more hard work, and nurses provided more basic care than they do now. Everything was written by hand, all medical notes. With so much being digital now we are able to have a much better insight into our patients history and that really helps us to be able provide better care for them.

I have mixed feeling about retiring, I still feel good in myself but at 70 it might be time. My husband has already booked us on a few holidays but I also want do some volunteer work, hopefully in a role where I can still help people.”

Ingrid is also our hero of the month for March with several nominations.

Her colleagues have some wonderful things to say about her.

“I have known Ingrid for over 20 years, and I have to say she is like a mum to the ward always looking after the team Patients have always come first in Ingrid’s eyes and is always the first one into work and the last one out. 50 years in the NHS is amazing and thank you.”

“She will be extremely missed as is a very popular, caring and trusted member of the team.”

“She is an exceptional as a nurse and a colleague. Very caring and professional.”

“She is a credit to the team, always has a smile on her face and is kind and caring to her patients and colleagues.”

“Ingrid will be retiring will be a huge loss to the department and the Trust. Her experience in ophthalmology is enormous and she touches the lives of the patients and looks after them with professionalism and kindness.  Ingrid is such a well-loved member of the team.”

“Ingrid has been within the trust for 50 years and is an inspiration to us all!  She works so hard and is very professional and dedicated. She is always smiling and helps everyone she meets.  Her retirement will leave a big hole for all that know and love her.”

Congratulations on your 50 years Ingrid, and we all wish you a wonderful, well-earned retirement.