27 May 2024

Grateful patient makes kind donations to critical care

The critical care team at Eastbourne received a visit from one of their previous patients who presented the team with some wonderful gifts that she and her family had bought.

Members of our critical care team with Helen and Sam.

Members of our critical care team with Helen and Sam

Julie Boydell, Interim Matron said: “We were lucky enough to be visited by one of our previous patients, Helen Horsman who visited unit with her son-in-law, Sam, to present us with some wonderful gifts that she and her family had bought for us. Helen was with us for 23 days and during that time was sedated and ventilated after getting Sepsis following surgery.

“Helen and her family said that they were so grateful for the care that she received whilst in Critical Care that they wanted to raise some funds to buy some gifts for the staff, a few bits to enhance the relatives area and a physio chair for the benefit of the patients. Helen’s son-in-law, Sam, ran the Brighton Half-Marathon (his first!) and raised £1600, which is an incredible amount and it meant that they were able to get us some really wonderful things, including a smart tv for the staff coffee room, a sandwich maker, a new kettle, and lots and lots of tea and coffee!

Julie went on to say: “Helen spoke incredibly eloquently about her experience of being an intensive care patient and noted the kindness of staff towards her and how their words to her when she was coming round from sedation have had a profound effect and she still remembers them now. This reminded us all of the importance of how we speak to our patients at the most confusing and scary time of their lives and how the simplest of phrases can mean so much – she remembered in particular from one of the nurses, another Helen – “Hello Helen, my name is also Helen, you are in Critical Care, you are ok and you are safe”.

“Having this repeated to her gave her comfort and allowed her to make some sense of the very unreal environment she found herself in. Her praise encompassed the whole multi-disciplinary team and how they all played a significant part in her recovery.”

Photo: the critical care team with Helen and Sam.