14 June 2024

Celebrating Biomedical Science Day

Our Pathology teams at Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH recently celebrated Biomedical Science Day, raising awareness of the vital work they do, and explaining what all the different laboratories do.

Some of the team at Conquest Hospital

Marie Dixon, Senior BMS, H&S and Quality Link BMS Haematology said: “We set up information stands at Conquest and Eastbourne, which focussed this year on the top five common reasons for sample rejection. At Conquest we held a staff quiz and a guess the amount of tips in the jar competition.

Some of the team at Eastbourne DGH

“At Eastbourne there was a pathology bakeoff, with judges Principal BMS Shinal Amin and Laboratory Director/Chief of Medicine Dr Joel Newman. They had a tough time trying out all the cakes and of course we had to eat all the amazing entries afterwards!

Biomedical Science Day stand at Conquest Hospital

“Thanks to everyone for coming along and supporting us, for asking lots of questions and for the lovely feedback about our services.”

Some of the team at Eastbourne DGH

Biomedical Scientists, Clinical Scientists, Laboratory Assistants and Pathology Support Staff who work at the heart of healthcare analysing patients samples, help to provide diagnosis and monitor treatment of our patients. Did you know that an estimated 70-80% of all diagnosis is based on Pathology results. We test approximately 8 million samples across our departments a year and all our labs are UKAS accredited to the ISO15189 standard.

Biomedical Science Day stand at Eastbourne DGH