Face masks

The widespread use of fluid repellent surgical masks (FRSM) has been an important part of keeping staff, patients, and visitors safe during the pandemic.

We have made changes to reflect the increase in cases in East Sussex, so please see details below:


Patients will need to wear a surgical face mask within all clinical settings to maintain patient and staff safety. This includes consulting rooms, outpatient departments and when mobile within hospital wards.

Patients attending our Emergency Departments, Urgent Treatment Centres, Clinical Decision Units or Surgical Assessment Units should wear a face mask, providing they don’t interfere with treatment, (eg. oxygen masks or the patient is mask exempt).

Visitors, contractors and volunteers

  • Wear a face mask within all clinical settings, eg: consulting rooms, hospital wards, and outpatient departments
  • Wear a face mask if you prefer to or are unsure

Face masks will continue to be available

Face masks will continue to be available in all areas for everyone who needs or wants them. We encourage people to continue to wear face masks if they would like to and for those who choose not to, to be respectful of that decision.