Face masks

Due to ongoing cases of Flu and COVID-19 locally we ask that all visitors and patients wear a surgical face mask whilst in our hospitals and community clinics.

Masks are available at all our entrances. Hand hygiene and distance indoors are also as important as ever.

Patients and Visitors

Patients and visitors will need to wear a surgical face mask within all clinical settings to maintain patient and staff safety. This includes consulting rooms, outpatient departments and when within hospital wards.

Patients and visitors attending our Emergency Departments, Urgent Treatment Centres, Clinical Decision Units or Surgical Assessment Units should wear a face mask, providing they don’t interfere with treatment, (eg. oxygen masks or the patient is mask exempt).

Face masks are available at all entrances

Face masks are available at all our entrances for patients and visitors. If you need any assistance, please ask a member of staff or one of our volunteers.