Post Operative Information for Diagnostic Laparoscopy

A laparoscopy is an operation which allows the surgeon to look inside your abdomen with a special telescope. A small puncture is made to insert a tube which allows gas into the abdomen. This makes a space above the abdominal contents allowing a better view.

You will have two or more incisions made in your abdomen. One will allow the telescope to be passed into your abdomen. The others are to allow the instruments to be passed to manipulate your ovaries and tubes so they can be clearly seen.

This gas is removed at the end of the operation, however, a small amount may cause some discomfort in your abdomen and shoulders, but this should ease after 24 hours. If you had a laparoscopy and dye test you may have some discharge, i.e. blue colour from your vagina. This is only the remains of the dye colour passing through.

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Post operative information for Diagnostic Laparoscopy

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