Suction Evacuation of the Uterus (Womb)

This is the surgical operation that enables the remaining contents of a miscarriage within the womb to be removed. Before the procedure, the woman is usually given a tablet (“misoprostol”) to be inserted into the vagina; this helps to soften the cervix (neck of the womb), enabling the procedure to be performed more smoothly. Under general anaesthesia, the woman is placed in a position with the legs in stirrups. She is then examined internally to assess the womb. The cervix is then grasped and the opening gently stretched. This will allow the passage of instruments into the inside cavity of the womb.

A suction tube is then passed into the cavity of the womb. When suction is applied, the contents of the womb are then gently removed. When most or all of the contents have been removed, the tube is taken out, and the cavity of the womb gently checked with a metal scrape. This ensures that the womb is completely emptied.

The procedure usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Antibiotics are given during the procedure.

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Suction evacuation of the Uterus (Womb)

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