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TVT stands for Tension-free Vaginal tape (TVT) and Abbrevo is the name given to this variety of tape by its manufacturer. The purpose of a TVT Abbrevo procedure is to treat the condition with which you have been diagnosed, namely, stress urinary incontinence (SUI). In TVT, a thin piece of soft, flexible nylon mesh tape is placed underneath the urethra (the tube which allows urine to empty from your bladder). The tape will act like a hammock to support the urethra. The body makes scar tissue which grows into the mesh of the tape so anchoring it in position. This scar tissue together with the tape give additional support to the urethra, making it less likely that you will leak urine. A small incision is made in the vaginal skin below the urethra and the tape is then passed sideways through a natural space in your hip bone called the obturator foramen (window). The needles used to pass the tape are brought to the surface through two tiny cuts just to the side of the groin creases on the inner aspect of the thigh.

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TVT Abbrevo procedure - Conquest

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