Foundation doctors

The Foundation Programme includes formal weekly teaching sessions, monthly afternoon workshops, directed and self-directed personal learning, structured appraisal and assessments.

Foundation Year 1

Our Foundation Doctors will benefit from rotations in the following specialities: Posts in Surgery, Elderly Medicine, Psychiatry, Diabetes, Urology, Respiratory, Gastro, Cardiology, Palliative Medicine, Paediatrics, Rheumatology, Acute Medicine, ENT and ITU.

Foundation Priority Programmes

ESHT have enhanced some of our current FY1 rotations to make them FFP posts by adding elements of radiology, pathology, emergency medicine ultrasound.  These will allow our Foundation Trainees to gain valuable experiences of these specialties.

Foundation Leadership Management Level 3 – Apprenticeship Programme

FY1s will have the opportunity to apply for the programme.  There are 15 places available at ESHT.  This course is fully funded and is provided by an external provider and is fully funded.  Successful completion of the course would offer the opportunity to become an Associate Member of the internationally recognised institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).  The course focuses on practical leadership in a clinical environment. Principle topics are :

  • Self-awareness and Building Team Relationships
  • Leadership styles
  • Motivating and Leading a Team
  • Human Factors
  • Communications

For further information regarding the Foundation Year 1 Programme please contact  the FY1 Programme Administrator.

Foundation Year 2

Posts in General Practice, Elderly Medicine, Respiratory, Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Emergency Department, ENT, Paediatrics, Diabetes, Ophthalmology, Public Health, Psychiatry ,Palliative Care and Urology.

Foundation Year 2 Additional Opportunity 2022/2023

FY2 doctors  will be given the opportunity to take part in the KSS Leadership Academy Programmes and ESHT Leading Excellence and Leading Service Programmes.

For further information regarding the Foundation Year 2 Programme please contact the FY2 Programme Administrator.


FY1 and FY2 teaching is held weekly on both sites – usually for one hour but with extended workshops sometimes held monthly.
In addition, weekly Grand Rounds are held at Conquest and Eastbourne DGH as well as regular specialty specific teaching. ESHT runs a Leadership Programme (LEAP), which all junior doctors are invited to attend.  Both sites have excellent medical student programmes and Foundation Trainees are encouraged to take part in supporting and teaching the medical students.

Visit the Induction Page to download the MicroGuide App

Can I complete elearning modules?

There are two main sites that the FY1s and FY2s in training use for elearning – these are: and (referred to as SCRIPT).

You should be able to register on both of these to complete modules.


ARCP requirements

The table below has links to specific areas such as roles, placement supervision group (PSG), supervised learning events (SLEs) and more.  This table has been downloaded from the UKFPO, and information is updated as soon as it is available. We encourage you to have a look when able to and if you have any queries please direct them to the Foundation Programme Administrators.


Topic Resource bank
UK foundation programme curriculum 2021 UK FP Curriculum Link
Topic 1:
Launch of new UK foundation programme curriculum 2021
YouTube – What does the new curriculum mean for a supervisor?
YouTube – What does the new curriculum mean for a trainee?
The 2021 Foundation Programme Curriculum Factsheet
Introduction to 2021 FP curriculum for educators FactsheetPodcast
Topic 2:
The educational supervisor
The clinical supervisor
The Educational Supervisor Factsheet
The Educational Supervisor PodcastThe Clinical Supervisor Factsheet
The Clinical Supervisor Podcast
Topic 3:
The foundation doctor
Self-development time
The foundation doctor Factsheet
Self-development time Factsheet
Topic 4:
The role of the doctor
The role of the doctor Factsheet
The role of the doctor Podcast
Topic 5:
The Placement Supervision Group (PSG)
The Placement Supervision Group Factsheet
The Placement Supervision YouTube
Topic 6:
Supervised Learning Events (SLEs)
Supervised Learning Events YouTube
Supervised Learning Events Factsheet
Topic 7:
The LEARN form
The LEARN form Factsheet
Topic 8:
The summary narrative
The summary narrative YouTube
The summary narrative Factsheet

e-Portfolio – UK Foundation Programme

HORUS Help and Support

For any queries please contact the Programme Administrator.

The London and KSS Foundation School manage recruitment of all our Foundation Doctors. We work closely with them to deliver excellence in training as well as providing information and support as necessary. Please see their website for further details

The East Sussex Medical Education team host an awards event on each site. This gives the opportunity of recognising the achievement of the FY1 and FY2 Doctors and the contribution of their Supervisors and Colleagues, and to thank both groups for their hard work throughout the year. The event is also held to formally recognise the achievement of all the Foundation Doctors with merit certificates from the London and KSS Foundation School. These are awarded to trainees who as well as having successfully completed their training year at ESHT have done particularly well in the areas of Audit, Learning Portfolio, Teaching and Leadership.