East Sussex Medical Education (ESME) support a number of training posts and programmes for differing levels of our doctors in training in a variety of specialities.

  • Foundation doctors spend four months in their chosen specialty, learning key skills that they can then utilise for the rest of their career
  • Internal Medical Trainees (IMT) are keen to develop a career in their chosen specialty or a related one, and are supported to do so, whereas higher level  trainees are encouraged to learn speciality specific focussed skills
  • GP Speciality Training Programme (STP) details can be found at  www.gptrainingeastsussex.co.uk
  • SAS doctors (dedicated to non-training posts)

Each grade and type of trainee has a different educational curriculum to follow and complete

Learning opportunities are made available, specifically tailored to their respective department, to support the trainee to meet their educational objectives

Health Education England (HEE)

Health Education England (HEE) manage our recruitment process.  Any trainee may consider part-time training for part of their training. This is arranged through HE KSS, with the option of:

  • working part time in a full time post
  • supernumerary (additional support post)
  • slot sharing

Advanced planning is key, as the process can take some time