Clinical attachments

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT) are pleased to offer clinical attachment placements at Conquest Hospital, Hastings and Eastbourne District General Hospital. A clinical attachment is a short term unpaid placement for a qualified doctor who needs experience of the NHS. This is an observer role only and the doctor doing a clinical attachment will not have direct patient contact or take on any responsibility. Clinical attachment are available for the following:

Doctors who have qualified abroad and would like to gain some experience of UK culture and the NHS.

Doctors returning to practice following a break (eg maternity leave or ill health)

Doctors requesting experience of a particular speciality to aid career choice.

ESHT gives priority to high calibre doctors who have an intention to apply for a vacant position in the Trust. However, please note that doing a clinical attachment does not automatically secure a position at the Trust.

In accordance with Home Office recommendations, attachments are limited to a maximum of 6 weeks.

Applying for a Clinical Attachment

If you wish to apply for the clinical attachment at ESHT you will first need to find a Consultant Supervisor who will be willing to supervise and support you whilst at ESHT. Following this either you or your Clinical Supervisor may apply for a clinical attachment.


The granting of a clinical attachment is dependent on the following:

Occupational health clearance: You will be required to complete an occupational health questionnaire and provide evidence of immunisations/vaccinations and blood test results. You may be required to attend an appointment in our occupational health department on the first day of your attachment. If further immunisations/vaccinations or blood tests are required you will be charged for this.

Letter of good standing: Please provide letter of good standing from someone within an institution.

Visa: You will need to have residency status in the UK (including refugee status) or a business visitor visa. Clinical attachments are not permitted on a general visa. Further information:

Business Visitor Visa Guidelines [Archived link – needs updated]

Language requirements: If you are not a native English speaker you will need an IELTs certificate level 7.0 or an equivalent level of English that you can demonstrate.


Accommodation may be booked at Eastbourne DGH, subject to availability. Please note that there is a charge for this and you will be invoiced for this directly by the accommodation department. Unfortunately accommodation at the Conquest Hospital is currently unavailable.


The Medical Education Department charge an administration fee of £50 for clinical attachments and this is payable in cash when you attend induction on the first day of your attachment.