Musculoskeletal (MSK) Therapy Services

Musculoskeletal (MSK) Therapy Services are a group of departments that work together to support patients with musculoskeletal conditions, which are diseases and injuries relating to muscles, bones and joints.

In the graphic below, if you click on the body part it contains a summary of the common conditions we treat alongside education and self-help resources that you might find useful. Just click on body part that feels relevant to you to explore in more detail.

Alternatively, your GP might refer you to us to look at who would be best for you to be treated by. Our senior clinicians will review the information from the GP, and will decide whether to refer on to:

Average waiting time within our trust

The national ‘My Planned Care’ website allows patients and their carers to access information ahead of their planned appointment, operation or treatment. Find the average waiting time within our trust for the specialist area that treatment is required here.

Where does it hurt?

Please click on the body part for more information. Musculoskeletal conditions can occur in many parts of the body including:

Shoulder and Elbow
Hand and Wrist
Foot and Ankle

How to contact us

As a single point of access our MSK Therapy Administration team will support you through your referral pathway. As MSK patients are seen by a range of NHS services, they may need to talk to other teams before they can answer your questions. Please contact:

0300 131 5225