Getting you home during Covid-19

It is important that our hospitals are ready to look after people who contract coronavirus (Covid-19) and need hospital care. This page explains what that will mean for you when you are ready to leave hospital.

What will this mean for me?

Because of these pressures, once you no longer need care in hospital, as decided by the health team looking after you, you will be discharged. You will not have a choice over your discharge, but it is always our priority to discharge people to a safe and appropriate place.

In most cases this will be to your home. You might need some extra support, for example with your care needs or shopping.

If you require more complex out of hospital care, this could be in another bed in the community, for example a residential nursing home.

Your needs and discharge arrangements will be discussed with you.

Why am I being discharged from hospital?

You are being discharged as your health team have agreed that you can continue to recovery in another care setting, outside hospital.

Why can't I stay in hospital?

The health system is busy helping patients affected by coronavirus (Covid-19). Some people who contract the illness will need to be admitted to hospital. It is important that our hospitals are ready to look after those who need hospital care. Because of this, you will not have a choice over your discharge. You will not be able to stay in hospital if you choose not to accept care that is offered to you. It is our priority to ensure you are discharged safely to the most appropriate available place.

What can I expect?

Your discharge and transport arrangements will be discussed with you (and a family member or carer if you wish) and you will be discharged with the care and support you need, to a bed in the community. It is possible that you may be moved more than once after your discharge. This is because we are trying to find the best place for your long term care.

Your health and care team will be able to answer any further questions.