Reasonable adjustments

Learning disability liaison service

Reasonable adjustments are small changes that can help people with a learning disability be treated equally. The law says that reasonable adjustments should be put in place.

It is a person’s right to have reasonable adjustments made when they have an appointment for their health.

Reasonable adjustments could be the way that the staff treat the person, or things that the person needs when they are at their appointment.

Every person is different and will need different changes but there are some which are more common. Examples of reasonable adjustments that could be asked for include:

  • Staff who speak clearly and use easy words
  • A longer appointment
  • A hospital passport which tells people all about the person
  • A quiet place to wait
  • Easy read information
  • An appointment at a time which is better for the person
  • Support workers or family members with the person
  • Help from a learning disability nurse
  • Better physical access and help to get around

Staff at our hospitals may have already put reasonable adjustments in place for the person, but it is important that we are told if the person needs anything else.

By completing the Reasonable Adjustments for my health appointment form below and sending it to our Acute Learning Disability Liaison Nurse in advance of an appointment can aid us to understand what reasonable adjustments we need to consider for a person’s appointment in order for them to attend.

Send completed document to: