Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Photography and Illustration

Please see below answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What to expect

When you come to the Department for photography you may need to wait for a few minutes in the waiting area. Once a photographer is ready you will be called into the photographic studio. The photographer will check that you have understood the consent form that you have signed and answer any questions that you may have prior to photography taking place. Depending on what photographs are required, you may be asked to remove some items of clothing or jewellery and/or makeup.

Who will photograph me?

You will be photographed by an experienced Medical Photographer. We have female photographers based both at Conquest hospital and at Eastbourne DGH. Please ask your photographer if you would prefer to be photographed by someone of the same sex. A friend or relative can accompany you if you wish, or we can provide a chaperone.

Where do the photographs go?

The photographs are stored on a medical imaging database. They are backed up on a computer and a secure hard drive and disk.

Do I have a choice?

Yes you do. If you do not wish to be photographed it should not affect your treatment or care in any way – for any further questions please discuss it with your consultant.

Who owns the photographs that are taken?

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust owns the copyright and it is illegal for any unauthorized person to make copies of your photographs. Further information can also be found in the Trust’s consent policy.