Persistent Pain

Hastings and Rother Musculoskeletal (MSK) Service

Persistent pain (sometimes called long-term pain or chronic pain) is a pain that has typically been ongoing for more than three months and may not respond to conventional medical treatment.

Living with persistent pain is more common than you might think. Below there are many examples of people who have utilised and learned from the resources to reduce their pain levels.

There are now a host of free resources aimed at helping you better understand your pain, learn from other people’s experiences, dispel pain myths, and ultimately help you improve the quality of your life.


Retrain Pain Foundation – Bitesize educational slides that are easy to understand, and help makes sense of your pain

The Pain Toolkit – Originally a simple information booklet with handy tips and skills to support you along the way to managing your pain. Now a multi-resource website has been developed from the Pain Toolkit

Beefree – A support hive for mind and movement. A resource for people with pain and mental health issues

Flippin’ Pain – Check out the website for more conversation and resources around persistent pain

We Are Undefeatable – A movement supporting people with a range of long term health conditions


Information on some of the pain medications you may have been prescribed, such as anti-inflammatories, Amitriptyline and Gabapentin, from Faculty of Pain Medicine:

The Keele Pain Recorder (KPR) is a mobile application (app) which was developed by patients for patients, to improve the management of pain. You can record your pain levels throughout the day – and work out patterns of when your pain is better or worse.

Support guide to setting goals from My Live Well With Pain:

  • Goal setting – My SMART Goals and My Goal Ladder is a great tool to set goals and track your progress, download the pdf’s as the bottom of the page.