Neurological outpatient physiotherapy

We are a small team of specialist physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants.

We provide assessment and treatment for people with neurological conditions across our sites in East Sussex. We are a collaborative service where the involvement of family and carers is welcomed.

Our service accepts referrals for people with a neurological condition, who are 18 years old and above and require physiotherapy.

Our aim

To optimise and promote self-management for people living with neurological conditions

To prevent admissions to hospital

To identify and link in with other health and social support (eg, specialist nurse, neurologists, orthotics, occupational therapy, adult social care, community connectors)

Referral Criteria

you need to be 16 years old and above

you need to be able to access community appointments

you need to be able and willing to engage with physiotherapy

you need to be medically stable

If you are unsure if we are the right service, please contact us via our details below.

We cover East Sussex including Eastbourne and Hastings and wider areas – please contact if further details required.

How to contact us

Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm

Conquest Hospital – Tel: 0300 131 5179

Eastbourne DGH – Tel: 0300 131 5557

Frequently asked questions

We will offer telephone, video link or face-to-face appointments based on your needs.

We will carry out a full physiotherapy assessment to get a detailed description of your current situation. This will support you to identify your goals.

Your assessment will include a discussion about your symptoms and treatment which will be agreed based on your goals.

If you are attending a face-to-face appointment you will need to bring a list of your current medication, mobility aids and any orthotics you use.

You will be advised of the location of where your initial assessment will be. Please see our locations for more information.


This can vary depending upon the nature and complexity of your condition and the service, however generally an initial appointment will last up to up to 60 minutes. Follow up appointments will be of approximately 30 to 40 minutes in duration.

We try to agree your initial appointment date and time with you to avoid you missing or needing to cancel, however we ask you notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to attend your appointment.

We may signpost you to local support or leisure facility to support your self-management.

Although you consent for treatment, you are able, at any time, to withdraw your consent. Please discuss this with your clinician. If you wish to have a chaperone present, this can also be provided upon request. If you do not attend the appointment without letting us know you may be discharged from our service.