Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA)

We will  soon be starting to introduce a new prescribing and administration of medicines system called ‘Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration’ (ePMA). This will mostly replace our current paper based system.

This will mean that in future, almost all of our prescribing and medicines administration will be done digitally. Paper medicines charts and prescriptions on our wards will be a thing of the past. The traditional medication trollies on wards will be replaced by computers, and every patient will have their medication stored securely by their bed.

The benefits of introducing a new ePMA system

  • Improved patient safety through a reduction in medication errors
  • A reduction in the overall time taken to prescribe, check, supply and administer medicines
  • Enhanced patient care as time saved gives clinicians more time to spend with patients
  • Medication records are stored electronically and available 24/7 so time no longer wasted searching for paper charts
  • Patient’s medication history, decision support and online resources available to aid prescribing, with allergies and interactions highlighted
  • System will give extensive and robust audit information on medicines usage.

We plan to pilot ePMA in four areas at Eastbourne DGH from December 2021. After this, the system will be introduced across Eastbourne DGH, Conquest Hospital, Bexhill Hospital and Rye, Winchelsea and District Memorial Hospital, with completion expected in the first few months of 2022.