Parent Information

For parents with babies in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

Useful information for parents with babies in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).

What you need to supply

Please supply nappies, cotton wool, and nappy cream (if advised). We can advise you if you need any additional items for your baby.

We have a supply of baby clothes on the unit and these vary in size. You are welcome to use them. There is also a opportunity to purchase various items on the unit, with proceeds going back into the unit. If you prefer to use your own clothes, please let staff know so they can be labeled. We cannot accept any responsibility for any clothes that are lost. We try and wash unit baby clothes on the unit. For term babies who are bottle feeding, we request you bring in a supply of formula.

If you would like your baby to have a dummy, please provide them. If your baby is preterm, and on CPAP, we may offer your baby a special dummy.

Feeding your baby

There is much evidence to support that breast milk is best for your baby, however we will support your chosen method of feeding.

On admission to SCBU not all babies are able to feed, In some cases they may have Intravenous (IV) fluids, some babies also have a nasogastric tube inserted, to enable the baby to have feeds. Some mothers express milk to give to their babies in the first few days of life. Staff are happy to help in your chosen method, and will support you to express you milk and show you how.

Bottle feeding babies will need to be competent in feeding from their own bottles before discharge home.

If you are planning to bottle feed your baby, please supply your own bottles also your chosen formula. This enables babies to adjust to the chosen bottles for feeding. These will be introduced as soon as the baby is able to feed from a bottle.


Food is provided to mothers whilst they are still in hospital. If parents wish to bring their own food, we ask this to be labeled and placed in the fridge. There is a toaster and microwave available to use.

Hot and cold drinks

These are available to parents from the unit kitchen. However please note, only cold water is allowed in the nurseries.

You can buy refreshments from the restaurants as well as the shops.

Channel view restaurant available on Level 4, opening hours 7.00am to 2.00pm. There is also a coffee shop is located on Level 3 serving hot and cold beverages and food.

There is a shop next to coffee shop where you can purchase cold drinks and snacks, also essential items such as toothpaste.


We have a toilet on the unit for parents and siblings to use. Other visitors must use the toilet near the lift on level one.

Mobile phones

To prevent disturbing other babies and their parents, please be considerate and avoid having conversations on your mobile phone whilst in the nurseries. Please have your mobile phone on silent or vibrate mode.

Family room

There is a family sitting room on the unit, which you are welcome to use. It has a television and DVD player. There are toys for siblings and we also provide a ‘sibling pack’ for each young child to help keep them occupied during visits.


In preparation for your babies discharge home, it is possible for parents to ‘room in’, to care for their baby. This will enable you to become fully independent in caring for your baby.

The unit has two rooms and the decision to room in will be made on the availability, and in consultation with you and the nursing and medical team. If you do not room in, your baby will be transferred to your room with you, and you will care for your babies needs. There is a shower room available when rooming in.