Urgent community response

The urgent community response (UCR) team provides you with short term support for up to five days either following a hospital discharge or to prevent hospital admission.

Our team is made up of advanced clinical practitioners, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, healthcare assistants, support workers and administrators.

During the five days we look at your ongoing needs and refer onto relevant services as appropriate with your consent. If you no longer require UCR support because you have now improved, or a suitable ongoing pathway has been identified for you, then you will be discharged from UCR.

What are the expected benefits?

A member of our team will work with you to agree what support you need at home. They will write a care plan, which will be delivered by the member of our team with the most relevant skills and experience. While receiving care from the UCR team your care plan will be reviewed and adjusted as needed.

When will we visit you?

We are unable to give specific visit times. As we are an urgent response service it maybe that we cannot follow your usual routine with regards to these care calls. We will try our best to visit at times you would prefer however due to the nature of our service this may not be possible. We will be able to specify how many times a day to expect a visit from our team. If you are concerned and require assistance between our visit times then, please contact the number found at the top of this welcome letter.

What do you need to do?

  • Please refrain from smoking immediately before and during the visit by our colleagues.
  • Please ensure that pets are not in the same room as our colleagues. Colleagues will not be able to undertake an assessment of care or give treatment where pets are in the same room. The only exceptions to this are guide dogs and hearing dogs.
  • We do not expect or tolerate verbal or physical aggression of any kind towards our colleagues. Colleagues will leave the premises if they are subjected to such abuse. Our colleagues are in communication with their base and do have means of getting assistance if experiencing any difficulties.