9 July 2021

Make sure it’s football coming home not Covid-19

As the country celebrates the England win and looks forward to Sunday, the NHS is calling for everyone to take the opportunity over the next few days to arrange their vaccine.

Make sure it's football coming home not Covid-19

With thousands of appointments available through the national booking system online or by calling 119, and lots of walk-in sessions happening in your local area – there is never a better time to plan to get your vaccine.

Check out the list of local walk-in sessions taking place this week in your area.

It is also important to remember that football isn’t the only game of two halves – and you need both vaccines to have the highest level of protection. If you only have one it is like stopping the game at 45 minutes.

Everyone can now have their second vaccine at eight weeks after their first – so if that is you, book it today or visit a walk in session with no appointment needed.

As the government aims to have all adults vaccinated with their first dose before guidance is lifted on 19 July, the race is on to make sure everyone has the opportunity to have theirs.

It is important to remember – the vaccine is free, it is quick and easy, and you can arrange it today!