Our unique Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Preceptorship programme

‘The Future is Bright’ an innovative blended learning programme, developed here at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust by AHP professionals, that helps to develop the hands-on skills and practices of our AHPs, deepen understanding of and help transition into our organisation, build confidence and provide better patient care.

It works in harmony with all other learning activities offered and through profession specific training and support.

Who is ‘The Future is Bright’ programme for?

‘The Future is Bright’ preceptorship programme has been developed to support all of the AHPs employed at the trust. There is a particular focus on supporting non-registered staff, newly qualified practitioners, those new to role, staff returning to practice and international educated recruits.

What are the benefits of preceptorship?

Preceptorships help bridge the gap between classroom learning and hands-on practice. Health Education England recognise a range of benefits for people undertaking a preceptorship, including:

Be able to deliver better patient care and experience

Feeling more confident, skilled and satisfied with your work

Helping you develop your career aspirations

Allied health professionals

What support will I get?

When starting the programme each preceptee will be allocated a preceptor, who is an allied health professional with consolidated experience. You will be offered regular meetings with your preceptor and protected time to complete the requirements for the programme. Additionally the programme is overseen by ‘preceptor grandparents’, development leads and professional leads.

What does the programme include?

The Future is Bright AHP preceptorship programme provides a blended learning environment. Firstly there is an introduction and six modules on our digital learning platform. The content of these modules align to the Health Education England quality framework for preceptorship and the four pillars of practice from the career development framework. Each modules includes topic presentations and activations. The module titles are:

Thriving and growing

Working together

System thinking

Safety and quality


Leadership at all levels

Alongside these there are four workshops and two simulation education sessions to attend.