My Health and Care Record

The Trust uses an online system called ‘My Health and Care Record’* to provide access to personal information relating to the care we provide you.

‘My Health and Care Record’ is a secure online system where you can view your hospital appointment letters and clinical letters on any internet enabled device eg. a desktop computer or tablet or mobile phone.

Once you have signed up to the system, you will receive all future correspondence this way, keeping all your personal information securely, in one place. You can also choose to provide access to your personal information on ‘My Health Record’ to family, carers and health professionals. Don’t worry, this is your choice and you can also remove permissions at any time.

If you have an upcoming outpatient appointment you will be invited to access your appointment letter online through ‘My Health and Care Record’.

*Please note the system was previously known as ‘My Health Record’.

Benefits of 'My Health and Care Record'

  • a secure online space to view your hospital appointment letters and clinical letters, with instant notifications when new information is made available
  • your information on any internet enabled device, anywhere, anytime
  • the option (if you wish) to share this information with family, carers and health professionals
  • paperless online access to your personal health information at the Trust
  • environmentally friendly, less paper means reducing the impact on the environment
  • recent historical correspondence available to view. Outpatient appointments letters or patient copies of clinical letters sent after the 29th January 2020 will be available to view when a patient newly registers

My Health and Care Record login

If you have already registered with ‘My Health and Care Record’ you can login here:

After Trauma

The After Trauma team will be using My Health Record to follow up with some patients following recent treatment at either Conquest Hospital or Eastbourne District General Hospital. My Health and Care Record will be used to provide patients with information to support their recovery and they are also being asked to complete  a questionnaire to see how they are getting on and identify if any additional support is required. Patients will be contacted through a letter, inviting them to register. If patients choose not to register then the follow up questionnaire will be sent through the post. If you have any questions about your follow up with the After Trauma Team then please email: and put in the subject, ‘Trauma and My Health Record’.

Patients living with Type 1 Diabetes

You may have received a letter from the specialist diabetes team making you aware of an E-Learning package called ‘MyType1Diabetes’ and also asking you to register for ‘My Health and Care Record’. Registering will give you a link to the E-Learning package, plus access to library of useful information to help you manage your diabetes, and information about local services and support groups.

If you chose not to register for My Health and Care Record you can access the E-Learning directly from the link above.

Further information about My Health and Care Record is included on these pages but if you have any additional questions, please complete the from on the My Health and Care Record Health and support page and reference that you have been contacted by the specialist diabetes team.

Sign up using your personal invitation and access code

If you have had a invitation letter, here is the link to create your account:

About 'My Health Record'

‘My Health and Care Record’ is a partnership between this Trust and a company called Patients Know Best (PKB). PKB work with a wide range of trusts including Western Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust and Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.

PKB provide a safe, secure environment for your information. Your data is encrypted and maintained in line with East Sussex Healthcare Trust Data Protection Policies.

Help and support

If you have any further questions about ‘My Health and Care Record?’ Please use the Help and Support form.

If you need help with registering, this is available via the Patients Knows Best (PKB) website: