My Health and Care Record

We use a system called ‘My Health and Care Record’ to provide easy and secure access to information relating to the care we provide.

‘My Health and Care Record’ is a secure online system where you can view your hospital appointment letters and clinical letters on any internet enabled device eg. a desktop computer or tablet or mobile phone. You can also now access test results from our laboratories at Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH online.

More information about ‘My Health and Care Record’ is available on the Sussex Health and Care website.

Once you have signed up to the system, you will receive all future correspondence this way, keeping all your personal information securely, in one place. You can also choose to provide access to your personal information on ‘My Health Record’ to family, carers and health professionals. Don’t worry, this is your choice and you can also remove permissions at any time.

If you have an upcoming outpatient appointment you will be invited to access your appointment letter online through ‘My Health and Care Record’.

‘My Health and Care Record’ is a partnership between us and a company called Patients Know Best (PKB). PKB provide a safe, secure environment for your information. Your data is encrypted and maintained in line with our Data Protection Policy.

Please note: when you access ‘My Health and Care Record,’ the information you will be able to see is not a complete set of your medical records. We are working to make more information available to you over time and hope to add radiology, ophthalmology and Emergency Department information very soon.

Benefits of 'My Health and Care Record'

  • a secure online space to view your hospital appointment and clinical letters and test results, with instant notifications when new information is made available
  • your information on any internet enabled device, anywhere, anytime
  • the option (if you wish) to share this information with family, carers and health professionals
  • paperless online access to your personal health information at the Trust
  • environmentally friendly, less paper means reducing the impact on the environment
  • recent historical correspondence available to view. Outpatient appointments letters or patient copies of clinical letters sent after the 29th January 2020 will be available to view when a patient newly registers

My Health and Care Record login and registration

Login to My Health and Care Record

If you have already registered you can login here:

Register with Patients Know Best

If you have an invitation letter, you can create your account here:

Register via the NHS app

You can also register for ‘My Health an Care Record’ via the NHS app. For more details please watch this short video.

Access to test results

Those who have registered to use MHCR can now access many of their test results from our laboratories at Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH online.

The results in MHCR include the following information:

  • The test result
  • The normal reference ranges to help you interpret the result (please note that some conditions can produce an out-of-range result that may be considered normal for you as an individual)
  • A link to Lab Test Online that will explain exactly what the test is for and how you can use that information.

Most results will be released to you via MHCR three days after they are sent to the clinician who requested them and they should be in touch if they need to discuss them. Certain results that are sensitive in nature or may require a clinician’s input to help you interpret them will be released to your record after a delay of up to 28 days. This is to allow time for your doctor or nurse to discuss these results with you.

From February, blood test results will be released to patients as soon as they are available onto My Health and Care Records. This will mean that results will potentially be available on the same day as patient’s tests.

If you do have any concerns about your results, you should contact the clinician who requested them directly.

Over time we will be making more test results available via MHCR, these include microbiology (infectious diseases) test results later this year.

Help and support

If you have any further questions about ‘My Health and Care Record?’ Please use the Help and Support form.

If you need help with registering, this is available via the Patients Knows Best (PKB) website: