Questions and answers

My Health Record

The Trust uses an online system called ‘My Health and Care Record’ to provide access to person information relating to the care we provide you.

Below are a selection of the most frequent questions and answers. If you have any other enquiry, please complete the form on the Health and Support page.

Questions and answers

Your My Health and Care Record is very likely to have been created by one of the Hospital Trusts in Sussex, who have all started using My Health and Care Record in some way. 

At some stage you may have been a patient at one of the trusts; if this was some time ago, they are likely to have an old address for you and this has been passed across into your PKB record from their systems. Please be assured that this incorrect address on My Health and Care Record has no impact on services and does not update other healthcare systems. 

You are able to update your address directly in PKB to make your record accurate. Please note this would not have updated other systems. You still need to notify any healthcare providers of a change in address should you move.

Enclosed with your next appointment letter, will be an invitation to register for ‘My Health and Care Record’. This invitation will include a verification code that you will need to complete registration.

If you don’t have an upcoming appointment, you can still register via the NHS App, which can be downloaded from your usual app store. If you haven’t set up an NHS login before, you will need to answer a few short questions and have some ID documents to hand to set up your account.

You can also register by using the Help and Support form – selecting ‘Please register me for My Health and Care Record – No Invite code/Invite expired’.

Currently it is not possible for children to register for My Health and Care Record or for parents or carers to be given access to a child’s record. However we are working on developing a process to allow children to register which includes a parent or carer also having access. To enable this, we need to ensure that we provide appropriate designated access including authentication of the relationship between the parent or carer and the child.

You will receive your appointment letters and clinical correspondence through the post in exactly the same way as before.

You will only be able to view your appointment letter and will need to contact the outpatient’s team if you want to cancel or change your appointment in the same way as you do currently.

When you register, you will be asked to provide an email address. A notification is sent to this email address when new information is available.

When you read your letter, the Trust will receive a notification. If no notification is received within 7 days of the letter being sent to the portal, then a paper copy of your letter will be sent through the post.

Patients Know Best (PKB) is a national system, used by various Trusts across England and Wales. If you have already enrolled in PKB with another trust, and you have also received treatment in East Sussex, you will have received an email saying that East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT) would like to share your health information with you and providing a link to facilitate this.

The sharing of information is only relevant when clinical groups are using My Health and Care Record as a way of sharing information with patients, or receiving information from patients. At the moment ESHT is not using this facility at present, therefore you can ignore this email and you do not need to respond or do anything.

If you have any further questions about this, please use the help and support form to send your question and a member of the team will contact you.

Complete the Help and Support form – selecting ‘Forgotten Password’.

Accessing test results

From the end of March 2022, you will simply log in to your My Health and Care Record on your smartphone, tablet or computer to see the results.

The test results that are available from the end of March are Chemistry, Haematology and Immunology results.

We will be making more test results available through My Health and Care Record over time.

The majority of results will be released to you three days after they are released to your healthcare professional; however, a small number of results will be released to you after a delay to allow time for a clinician to discuss the results with you.

No, results will only be sent to your record from the 31st March 2022 onwards.

If your test was taken at another Trust that is using the Patients Know Best system and they have agreed to send in results then yes, you will be able to see those results through My Health and Care Record.

X-ray reports

We are planning to start making X-ray reports available through My Health and Care Record in October 2022.

Simply log in here to your MHCR record on your smartphone, tablet or computer to see the reports.

Your X-ray reports will be released to you 28 days after the date of verification, in order to allow your healthcare professional time to review your report.

No, reports will only be sent to your record from the go-live date and beyond.

MHCR is a Personal Health Record used by NHS organisations across the UK for sharing information between patients and their healthcare professionals. It is powered by Patients Know Best, a technology platform which is compliant with the NHS network. We chose it for our patients because it is the most secure and advanced system that will ultimately offer the ability for you to:

  • See data from your hospital, not just your GP for a more complete record
  • View hospital appointment letters, clinical letters and test results
  • Add your own data (i.e. your symptoms)
  • Connect to over 100 devices (i.e. blood pressure monitors and weight scales)
  • Access your record while travelling outside the UK if you ever need to
  • Choose what parts of your record to share e.g. your general health but not sexual health information
  • Have a shared care plan with instructions on what to do for each health condition

Please use the Help and Support form on our website and choose “General enquiry” from the drop-down list.