Research performance

Research studies at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

All NHS organisations are required to publish information on clinical trials.

The two key measures, for research studies or clinical trials we are involved in are:

  1. How rapidly the first participant is involved in a trial after the trial has been submitted for approval, for all types of trial regardless of funder. The Government-set target is 70 days, and there must be valid reasons for any trial exceeding this.
  2. How we are doing at involving people in our current trials with commercial sponsors, and how many of our trials have involved the full number of participants we said they would, within the time we said they would.

Initiating Clinical Research

The Department of Health and Social Care is committed to improving clinical trial performance and reducing site set up and participant recruitment time. A renewed focus will be placed on transparency, accuracy, and meeting sponsor expectations. NHS Providers are required to report any and all delays which have affected or may affect agreed study timelines for every clinical trial where the Date Site Selected falls within the previous twelve months:

Delivering Clinical Research

NHS providers are required to submit and publish information on performance in delivering commercial clinical research to time and target for every commercial contract clinical trial hosted by the NHS provider closed to recruitment in the previous twelve months:

Please follow the link below to view the public facing Initiation and Deliver reports for the last five quarters: