Visiting Bexhill Health Centre

Important Information for parents and carers:

The address for Bexhill Health Centre is:

Bexhill Health Centre
Hollier’s Hill
East Sussex, TN40 2DZ


  • Your child’s appointment may take up to two hours, although you may be finished or have a short break after about half an hour.
  • There are no facilities, other than toilets, available at this site. You may, therefore, wish to bring a drink with you (no HOT drinks please) and also a snack and drink for your child.
  • The assessment (Brief Observation of the Symptoms of Autism – BOSA) will consist of you playing games and chatting with your child, whilst the doctor and therapist observe; it may be video recorded with your consent. You will be given clear instructions about what to do and we will be on hand to guide you. We send you the instructions in advance so please familiarise yourself with them but do not share them with your child.
  • The doctor and therapist will need to discuss the assessment before they are able to feedback to you. You have the choice of waiting in the assessment room for about 30 minutes after the assessment and the doctor will then be able to give you some initial feedback and agree what needs to happen next. If you prefer to have this discussion without your child being present then a follow up telephone discussion can be arranged instead. It may be possible to do this on the day of your appointment, but if not a telephone follow up appointment will be arranged as soon as possible.

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