Infection Prevention and Control

We make every effort to restrict the spread of infection by following strict infection control procedures. These include rigorous hand washing procedures, high standards of cleanliness on our wards and the use of side rooms when necessary. Visitors are asked to follow whatever measures ward staff have put in place.

To help us to prevent the spread of infection please feel free to remind staff to wash their hands.

We would also ask visitors not to come into the hospital if they are unwell themselves. If in doubt, please check with the ward staff in advance of a visit.

Visitors are requested to

  • Inform staff of their arrival on the ward
  • Wash their hands before and after their visit
  • Not sit or lie on the patient’s bed
  • Keep babies and infants under control and not to allow them to crawl on the floor or beds
  • Restrict visitors to two per patient
  • Respect the privacy of other patients