Our Rehabilitation Passport

As you prepare for your rehabilitation appointment, treatment or care you may find it helpful to download and use our ‘Rehab’ Passport.

The rehabilitation passport is a document which can be used by our patients and their families to:

  • guide you through your rehabilitation journey with us
  • support you in developing your goals and plans for rehabilitation
  • enhance communication with your rehabilitation clinician, therapist or rehabilitation support worker.

The ESHT Rehabilitation passport is yours to keep and can be used with your team in whichever way best suits your needs. The passport has a number of different sections including:

  • developing your rehab plans
  • information that you would like your team to know about you
  • Progress diary where you can keep a record of your achievements
  • Space for you to jot down any thoughts and feelings about your rehab that you want to share with your team
  • Follow up appointments.

We encourage our patients on their rehabilitation journey with us to bring their rehab passport to their appointments, use when in hospital or share when our teams visit you at home.