Rehabilitation Transformation Programme

The Rehabilitation Transformation Programme was launched in 2018 using quality improvement (QI) to engage with our colleagues to review, adapt and redesign our processes and pathways, working in an iterative and collaborative way to tackle future capacity challenges effectively to support our patients in the best way possible.

Reimagining community health services in South East England

Phase 1 - Review, redesign and improve our intermediate care services

Enhancing patient experience of care

Rehabilitation modelling and redesign

Supporting our Patient Journey

Understanding our Population

Workforce Transformation

As the COVID-19 pandemic developed and the restrictions came in to play, we were faced with the challenge of how we delivered the same excellent care for our patients under the new Government guidelines.

The Rehabilitation Recovery and Restoration Forum was formed in the early summer of 2020 allowing colleagues from all health and social care organisations across East Sussex to come together virtually and discuss what has worked well, what hasn’t and what steps can be taken in the future to improve services.

The Forum reviewed the critical functions needed to recover and restore services into an integrated health and care pathway.

Phase 2 - Recovery and Restoration of Services

Evolving our Post Covid-19 services

Integration of working practices

Enabling Rehab transformation

Optimising digital technology

The next phase of the programme (launched in April 2021) is realising the community investment and achieving sustainable change, embedding and building on the work already undertaken and ensuring the personalised care agenda is embedded within our work.

Phase 3 - Realising Community Investment and Achieving Sustainable Change

Understanding our patient population

Measuring our performance

Responsive rehabilitation

Needs based rehabilitation

Workforce transformation

Lifelong re-ablement

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Karen Poole

Consultant Therapist (Rehabilitation)

Trish Richardson

Project Support Officer