Current studies at ESHT

Research at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Current studies at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.


FLO-ELA (Fluid Optimisation in Emergency LAparotomy) is a major clinical trial of a treatment given to patients during and shortly after emergency bowel surgery.


Duration of Dual Anti-Platelet Therapy in Acute Coronary Syndrome

Local Principal Investigator – Dr Imtiaz Kalyar

Senior RITA is an interventional study funded by the British Heart Foundation looking at patients 75 and over presenting with Type 1 Non Segment Myocardial Infaction (NSTEMI).

Local Principal Investigator: Dr Andrew Marshall

ORION 4 is a clinical trial testing whether a new medicine called inclisiran prevents heart attacks and strokes.

Local Principal Investigator: Dr Andrew Marshall

Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme(PQIP)

The aim is to look at perioperative care of patients undergoing major non-cardiac surgery and measure complication rates, failure to rescue and patient reported outcomes.

Local Principal Investigator: Dr Andrew Marshall

Address 2 this research project is learning about the characteristics of people newly diagnosed with type 1 with diabetes in the UK, and at the same time supporting other research into type 1 diabetes.

IBD BIORESOURCE – is a national platform designed to expedite research into Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and help develop new and better therapies.

REACH Pregnancy Programme – evaluating a model of group antenatal care.

UK MS Register – The MS Register is a ground-breaking study designed to increase our understanding of living with MS in the UK.

ADD-ASPIRIN is a large randomised clinical trial, which is taking place in the UK, Republic of Ireland and India. It will recruit 11,000 participants to help find out whether regular aspirin use after treatment for an early stage cancer can prevent the cancer from coming back and preventing deaths.

When breast cancer has spread to the armpit, further treatment directly to the armpit is currently offered but this treatment can have troublesome side effects.

Local Principal Investigator – Dr Ash Subramanian


To develop a decision-making tool using a convolutional neural network that identifies abnormalities on brain MRI scans:

Local Principal Investigator

Dr David Sallomi

PrEP Impact – PrEP (HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) is a medicine for HIV negative people, is taken before sex, so it is pre-exposure. Prophylaxis means to prevent infection – in this case HIV. It can reduce the risk of acquiring HIV when taken as instructed.