Research feedback

Patient Research Experience Survey is managed by
NIHR Clinical Research Network Kent, Surrey and Sussex

If you are taking part in a research trial at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, then we’d like to know what you think.

Please complete a Participant Research Experience Survey (details below) managed by the NIHR Clinical Research Network Kent, Surrey and Sussex

It is part of the work we are doing together to get the views of people across Kent, Surrey and Sussex. NIHR Clinical Research Network Kent, Surrey and Sussex provides funding across the region to cover the service support costs of research and promote high quality research opportunities for patients in health and social care settings.

Why should I complete the survey and give my feedback?

The information you give us will help us to understand:

  • what works best for patients in the way we do research in the NHS
  • where we can make helpful changes in the way we do things

How to take part in the survey

You can complete the survey on the NIHR Patient Research Experience survey website:

Taking part in the survey is voluntary and only takes up to five minutes to complete.

How will my information will be used?

It is your choice to complete the survey. We won’t ask for any personal information about you, if you do choose to fill it in. Your answers will be shared anonymously with local research delivery teams and with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to help improve research. Whether you decide to complete the survey or not, your treatment or your participation in research won’t be affected in any way.