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News and information about the Sleep Disorder Service.

Drop-in Clinics - not running due to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) we are currently not running drop in clinics, if you need any replacement parts or a review please call the sleep unit or use the CPAP patients help page. Please always provide telephone number for a technician to contact you on.

Fresh Case Clinics

These are held every week and access to these clinics are through a GP referral to the sleep disorders unit, at Conquest Hospital.

You may be seen by one of the following:

  • Dr Simon Merritt –┬áSleep Specialist and Somnologist (Lead Clinician)
  • Mr Wilf Kesse – Sleep Specialist and Somnologist
  • Dr Nik Gkampranis – Sleep Specialist
  • Ms Terri Whiteman – Lead Sleep Technologist
  • Mrs Jill Meeres –

Reception cover

Due to the number of calls and enquiries received, on occasions we may not be able to answer your call so please leave a message and this will be picked up mid morning and lunchtime and again in the afternoon. It is then directed to the appropriate person/Technician who may be with patients but they will usually get back to you as soon as they are free.

Bulletin Board

Replacement Masks and Equipment
We understand that with so many patients to take care of, it can be difficult getting through on the telephone. Therefore we have arranged that new equipment can be ordered via our CPAP Patient’s Help page. Here you can request certain replacement parts/Airport letters etc. These emails come through to our Reception and although they will not be replied to, they will be forwarded to an appropriate Technician or Admin staff. However, if necessary, a Technician can contact you if you leave a mobile number/landline number.

NB. Please be aware that we cannot supply equipment to any patient that has not downloaded or been seen with their machine, in the last 12 months. Therefore please attend a drop in for a download at least once a year.

If you have any ideas on how to improve our website or service, please feel free to email us, via the CPAP Patient’s Help page. We welcome any feedback and work, as always, to improve our service for you.