Sleep Disorder Service Outpatient clinics

Sleep disorder clinic

The weekly Sleep Disorder Clinics are where we assess all new cases of Sleep Disorders and decide on appropriate investigation, treatment and if necessary, onward referral.

You will be asked to complete our own Sleep disorder clinic questionnaire on arrival at the clinic and you will be assessed by a sleep specialist. This is an Outpatient appointment and it will take approximately 30 minutes. These clinics run on Wednesdays (am) and Thursdays (am), at present.

Joint clinic

This monthly clinic is held by both Mr Meredith and Dr Merritt, who is our Consultant Respiratory Physician. Patients with complex Medical/ENT and Sleep Disorders are seen in this clinic. (Accessible internally only).

Dr Merritt also runs his own Respiratory Sleep Clinic on Tuesday afternoon, which is available on Choose and Book.

CPAP clinics

These are technician led clinics held on Monday (am), Tuesday (pm), Wednesday (am), patients already on CPAP therapy, are reviewed with repairs and maintenance carried out on the equipment.

There is also an open Drop-in clinic, on a Tuesday afternoon (1.30pm to 4.00pm) and Wednesday morning (9.30am to 12noon) when patients can see a Technician for download and new masks or consumables, without an appointment.

Sleep studies unit

The sleep studies unit performs respiratory studies on Monday to Thursday night. These sleep studies measure oxygen levels, pulse rate, chest and abdomen effort, oral and nasal airflow, snoring, position, limb movement and activity levels.

Some sleep studies can be performed as domiciliary studies, though these do not include the limb sensors and are only booked if there are ambulatory or care issues for the patient.