Working at ESHT

Why work here at ESHT?

We provide care in which the people of East Sussex can be fully confident, and one which people are proud to work.

We know that if the people who work for us feel engaged, developed and valued then our patients experience and outcomes will be better and in turn our staff feel a greater senses of satisfaction and pride in their work.

During the past year we have developed a number of key principles to our approach to staff engagement. We believe it is important that:

  • Every staff member knows  and can see  how their  role makes a difference  and has a contribution to make towards continuously  improving our patient care and experience
  • Staff  members are involved and engaged in decisions that impact them
  • Staff members  have the opportunity to learn and develop throughout their time here at ESHT
  • Staff members have the opportunity to meet regularly with their line manager and receive feedback through 1-1’s and team meetings.
  • We celebrate what we do really well and wherever possible share learning as widely as possible learning

Our recent CQC inspection, Staff Survey Results, and the Staff Family and friends tests demonstrated significant improvements in staff engagement during the past year. The improvements are a result of everyone working together to identify areas for improvement.