Work Experience

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust recognises the value of work experience for students in gaining insight into NHS careers, informing their career choices and supporting their applications to further education.

We welcome applications from students at local schools and colleges in years 10 to 13, subject to departmental age restrictions. The minimum age for administrative work experience within the Trust is 15, and for clinical shadowing placements 16 to 19, according to department. There is no guarantee of a placement once an application has been submitted and there are some areas of the organisation which do not permit work experience students due to the sensitive nature of the department. Placements in clinical areas are strictly for observation and shadowing only. During busy times placements may not be available.

To request a placement

  1. Read the cover letter – Work Experience and Work Observation with East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
  2. Complete an application form – Application for Work Experience or Observation Placement

The application form must be signed by the student, a parent/guardian, and a school representative (if under 18 years), before being returned electronically for consideration to:

Placements cannot be guaranteed until the student has returned the signed contract health and safety documentation to us.

Work experience applications

To contact East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust about work experience, please direct all enquiries to the following email address:

For general information on NHS Careers, and to download careers booklets, please visit Health Careers

Placements at Lewes Victoria and Uckfield Hospitals

For placements at Lewes Victoria Hospital or Crowborough War Memorial Hospital please contact Sussex Community NHS Trust

A small number of places may be available at Uckfield Community Hospital. Priority will be given to students in local schools. Please contact Staff Nurse Louise Bage at UCH: 01825 769999 Ext: 5051 before submitting an application form.