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  1. For ESHT IT Video Links, Specialty Links and Generic Support Video Links, Visit the “Induction For Doctors” section (go to Induction Information, Paragraph 4).
  2. Go to our Careers page for links to various webinars, including:
    1. What may be the best way to plan and take advantage of opportunities within your F3 year or beyond?
    2. The Consultant Interview
    3. Mock Interviews and practice
  3. Exception Reporting?  click here

What’s on

Foundation Teaching Programme

FY1Teaching EDGH 2023/2024
FY1Teaching Conquest 2023/2024

FY2 Teaching EDGH 2023/2024
FY2 Teaching Conquest 2023/2024

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HEE Course
Registration Now Open for Enhancing Generalist Skills London’s Workshops 2023-2024