Community Paediatrics

‘We aspire to effectively support families and children through their journey’

Our community paediatrics team is made up of paediatricians, therapists and nurses and is for children aged 0 to 19 in East Sussex.

We work in partnership with therapists, nurses, County Council Children’s Services, education providers, GP’s and the voluntary sector.

We work alongside general paediatricians and other specialists in the community, such and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust also provides Acute Paediatric Services for children needing hospital care.

We provide

  • Developmental assessment and ongoing advice for a range of disabilities, including physical disability, Autism Spectrum Disorders, learning disabilities and help for children with sleep difficulties that may be part of a disability
  • Health assessments of children in care and for safeguarding welfare
  • Out of hospital care for children and young people with long term difficulties/disabilities as part of a wider team

Who we are

Our team is made up of paediatricians, therapists and nurses.


Paediatricians’ are specialist children’s doctors who have a particular expertise in the management of children with long term health problems which may have an impact on other areas of their life.

We undertake the assessment and treatment of children with developmental problems such as delayed milestones, learning disabilities, Autism and Cerebral Palsy.

Nursing team

The Nursing Team incorporate nurses with additional specialist knowledge and extensive skills in assessing child development, and supporting families through challenging life experiences.

The nurses undertake initial home assessments with families, some complete ADI assessment and reports, assess and provide interventions for children in sleep clinics, and on occasion support the others with post diagnosis clinics.

Others see and support families for follow up in the post diagnosis clinics. They run a programme of behaviour groups for parents/carers at a number of venues across the county.


Therapists undertake assessments and interventions.

Children in Care (CIC) nursing team

The Children in Care (CIC) nursing team includes doctors who complete an Initial Health Assessment (IHA) – when a child enters care, Specialist and CIC nurses complete the regular Review Health Assessment (RHA) and compile a summary report and health recommendations that is shared with the GP and in part with the child or young person and their carer and social worker.

Secure Childrens Home – a specialist nurse and allocated GP provide admission health assessments and ongoing health provision for children and young people detained at the home.

More information about the Children in Care (CIC) nursing team

Secretarial and Administration Team

The Secretarial and Administration Team manage the processing of all letters, documents and reports both electronic and paper that come through the department. There is a dedicated ‘bookings’ team who ensure clinic appointments are logged and communicated to parents/guardians.