Diabetes and Endocrinology

Our philosophy is to provide a specialist diabetes and endocrinology service that is holistic, multidisciplinary, based on patient-centric model of care, involving subspecialty work to adults and young people (15+) living with or suspected diagnosis of diabetes or endocrinology condition who are referred to us.

Furthermore, we provide education and training for healthcare professionals in the safe and effective management of diabetes and endocrine disorders.

Diabetes Consultants

Dr David Till

Consultant - Diabetes

Endrocrinology Consultants

Dr Shakeel Ahmad

Consultant - Endocrinology

Dr Ashref Bdiri

Consultant - Endocrinology
Profile image of Professor Umesh Dashora

Professor Umesh Dashora

Consultant - Endocrinology

Dr Koshy Jacob

Consultant - Endocrinology

Dr Periasamy Sathiskumar

Consultant - Endocrinology

Diabetes and Endocrinology telephone directory

Hospital Telephone number
Conquest Hospital

0300 131 5070
0300 131 5069
0300 131 5932

Monday to Friday
8.30am to 12pm and 2pm to 4.30pm

Eastbourne DGH

0300 131 4500
Ext: 773746
Ext: 773745
Ext: 773747

Monday to Friday
9am to 12pm and 2pm to 4.30pm

Please Note: These are secretarial contact details. Appointment queries need to be redirected via the Appointment Centre - Tel: 0300 131 4600.


  • Consultant led outpatient diabetes clinics
    • newly diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus
    • Intensive insulin and complicated diabetes management clinic
    • Diabetes annual review clinics
  • Various Multidisciplinary (Consultants, DSN, Dietitian, Podiatrist, Paediatric team) clinics
    • Multidisciplinary Antenatal and pre-conception clinic
    • Multidisciplinary Diabetic foot clinics
    • Multidisciplinary transitional clinic for young people aged 15 to 16 years
    • Multidisciplinary young adult clinic for young people aged 16 to 25 years
    • Multidisciplinary Insulin pump clinic
  • Diabetes Specialist Nurse (DSN) -led outpatient clinics
    • urgent referrals including newly diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus
    • DSN inpatient service
    • DSN Antenatal / preconception service
  • Consultant-led in-reach Diabetes/endocrine ward round at Conquest Hospital site
    • Acute assessment unit
    • Surgical assessment unit
    • Obstertric unit/delivery suite at Conquest daily.

    Insulin initiation service

  • GLP1 initiation service
  • Group education programme (ESTER – East Sussex Type 2 Education for Real life) for people with Type 2 diabetes, Conquest, Bexhill, (link to flyer) and Eastbourne
  • Group education programme (SADIE – Skills for Adjusting Diet and Insulin in East Sussex) for people with Type 1 diabetes, Eastbourne and Bexhill
  • Carbohydrate counting workshops, Hastings and Eastbourne
  • Monthly on-line ‘diabytes’, top tips on diabetes and its management circulated to all at ESHT on the Trust extranet
  • Supporting primary care colleagues in Locally Commissioned Service (LCS) updates
  • Organising, leading and delivery of level 5 and level 6 diabetes modules at University of Brighton
  • Participation in the delivery of level 7 module diabetes in Primary Care at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.
  • General endocrinology clinics
    • Hypothalmic/Pituitary disease
    • Neuroendocrine diseases
    • Thyroid disorders
    • Parathyroid disorders
    • Adrenal disorders
    • Reproductive endocrinology
    • Gonadal disorders
    • Metabolic bone disorders
    • Endocrine disorders in pregnancy
  • Thyroid lump clinic jointly with ENT surgeon (One stop service)
  • Participation in Brighton Pituitary and Thyroid Cancer MDT
  • Local adrenal MDT for adrenal tumours
  • Local dynamic endocrine investigations
  • Endocrine patient education sessions
    • Sick day Steroid management


  • Paediatric diabetes specialist colleagues (consultant, nurse and dietitian) to provide a transition service to young people from the age of 15 years
  • Podiatrists / podiatry support workers and orthotics as well as vascular team (consultant and nurse) radiology department, plaster room and path lab in the provision of the diabetic foot service.
  • Clinical Research team. The Diabetes and Endocrinology department is actively involved in clinical research. The department has several on-going studies that are both commercial and non-commercial and are listed in the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) portfolio.
  • Outpatients department who provide nurse support for consultant led clinics
  • Outpatients and appointments department who provide reception staff and personnel who ‘pull and prep’ patients medical notes
  • Obstetricians and midwives / midwifery support workers in the provision of the antenatal and post delivery service
  • Phlebotomy staff who perform blood tests
  • Pathology staff who attend multidisciplinary meetings and process blood tests
  • Point of care testing team in delivering mandatory network blood glucose monitoring training
  • Midwifery team in the provision of mandatory diabetes training
  • Learning and development team in the organisation and promotion of various diabetes training for staff
  • GP’s and practice nurses supporting them in their practice and LCS
  • Other specialist nurses supporting them in the care and management of people with diabetes who have additional care needs and co morbidities
  • Community nurses supporting them to support housebound patient living with diabetes
  • Adult social care supporting them with people living with diabetes who have special needs
  • Care home managers providing diabetes education as required
  • Pharmaceutical companies who provide us with recent clinical trials and information
  • Charities such as, Diabetes UK, The British Osteoporosis Society, Help the Aged providing updates as required
  • Local / East Sussex Voluntary sector / diabetic patient support groups giving regular talks and updates
  • Southeast Coast Cardiovascular, engaging with diabetes service users and providers
  • Hospice staff supporting them to provide palliative care for the patient with diabetes
  • Sussex Partnership Trust (mental health) providing advice and support for patients in mental health units
  • Allied health professionals (OT, physios) supporting them to provide care to people living with diabetes
  • Clinical commissioning groups to discuss future commissioning intentions and provisions of diabetes care
  • Pharmacy
  • University of Brighton

We work Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm. However we often work outside those hours, for example, the Transition and Young Adult Clinic in Eastbourne is open between 5pm and 8pm twice a month. Meetings and educational updates are often held in the evening to accommodate ward and community staff. In addition team members may come in early morning or late evening to accommodate night staff workers in hospital.

My Health and Care Record

You may have received a letter from the specialist diabetes team making you aware of an E-Learning package called ‘MyType1Diabetes’ and also asking you to register for ‘My Health and Care Record’. Registering will give you a link to the E-Learning package, plus access to library of useful information to help you manage your diabetes, and information about local services and support groups.

If you chose not to register for My Health and Care Record you can access the E-Learning directly from the link above.

Further information about My Health and Care Record is included on these pages but if you have any additional questions, please complete the from on the My Health and Care Record Health and support page and reference that you have been contacted by the specialist diabetes team.

We provide this service at

Conquest Hospital

The Ridge, St Leonards-on-Sea
East Sussex, TN37 7RD
0300 131 4500

Eastbourne District General Hospital

Kings Drive, Eastbourne
East Sussex, BN21 2UD
0300 131 4500