Your outpatient appointment

Appointment Centre - Tel: 0300 131 4600
Monday to Friday - 8am to 6pm - Saturday - 9am to 12pm

Once your outpatient appointment has been booked with us you will receive a letter with an appointment date and details about the type of appointment.

We offer different types of appointments ranging from face-to-face appointments where you will need to attend the hospital or clinic, to telephone or video appointments which you will do remotely. Your letter will advise you which type of appointment you have and the details how to attend.

Please read all of the letters you receive from us carefully and ensure that you attend any additional appointments you may receive. This may include any tests prior to your appointment (for example a blood test). Please attend any face-to-face consultation appointments alone if you can.

If you are uncertain about anything, please telephone the contact number on your letter.