Face-to-face appointments

Appointment Centre - Tel: 0300 131 4600
Monday to Friday - 8am to 6pm - Saturday - 9am to 12pm

You will be offered a face-to-face appointment, where your clinician feels this is the type of appointment appropriate for your condition and needs to see you in person.

If you wish to discuss any queries about your appointment please call our appointment centre on: 0300 131 4600.

When you arrive for your appointment

Please ensure you bring your appointment letter with you. When you arrive at the hospital for your appointment, please check in at the either the self-service kiosks or the main reception desk, unless your letter directs you elsewhere.

If you have any special needs which may need specific support during your visit, please advise the receptionist.

Our self-service kiosks offer the following benefits:

  • Quicker attendance compared to the reception desk
  • You control your demographic data, rather than being asked the questions at the desk
  • A member of staff is able to help if you require assistance
  • Reduces patients queues
  • Directs you to the correct clinic area

What you should do if you can’t attend or do not need your appointment?

If it’s not possible for you attend on the date and time stated in your letter it is important to let us know as soon as possible so that we can allocate the appointment slot to another patient. You will find the contact details at the top of your appointment letter or use our on-line form:

If you booked your appointment through the electronic referral system (eRS) or need assistance in choosing your clinic, booking, changing or cancelling your appointment, contact the e-Referral Service Appointment line as follows. Appointment line opening hours are weekdays 8am to 8pm, weekends and bank holidays 8am to 4pm (closed on Christmas Day).

Phone: 0345 6088888 – Textphone: 0345 8502250 – Webpage: www.ebs.ncrs.nhs.uk

You can also contact your GP surgery for advice.


If you travel by car, parking space is limited and the car parks can be full at peak times at our hospitals. Please consider your method of transport to your appointment and whether alternative options to using the car can be made. Further information on travel options – Travelling to our hospitals

  • Your appointment letter/card
  • A record of any medicines you may be taking
  • Your record book with recorded recent blood test results if you are taking anticoagulants such as Warfarin
  • Any specimens as requested in your appointment letter
  • Please note if you have been asked to provide a urine specimen you should collect a container from either your GP surgery or from the local pharmacist (a jam jar etc, is not acceptable)
  • Any private X-rays or medical records
  • Reading glasses to enable you to complete form requested
  • Your records of blood/urine tests and insulin if you are diabetic

If your personal details have changed, for example your name, address, contact details or GP, please notify us of any changes so that we can update your personal hospital records this can be done at the reception desk.

If you would like another member of staff present to chaperone your physical examination please tell the Clinic Nurse when you arrive for your appointment, so that this can be arranged.

If you wish to change or feed your baby in private, please ask the clinic nurse or receptionist and a room will be made available.

  • When you arrive at the hospital for your appointment, please check in at the main reception desk, unless your letter directs you elsewhere
  • Please bring your appointment letter with you, as this will help the receptionist in directing you to the correct clinical area
  • If you have any special needs which may need specific support during your visit, please advise the receptionist
  • You will be under the care of the consultant named in your letter, but you may not be seen by them personally
  • As part of your consultation it may be necessary for you to attend other departments for further investigations. Please be prepared to wait or come back as required for further appointments
  • Patients are seen in order of their appointment times. If you arrive early it is unlikely that you will be seen before the time given for your appointment
  • You may need to undress to be examined. Please wear clothing which is comfortable and easy to remove
  • As you will appreciate, each patient requires individual attention and there may be emergency situations. Therefore whilst we try to keep to our appointment times this is not always possible. If however, you have waited longer than 30 minutes, and no explanation for the delay has been given then please speak to the Clinic Nurse

We support research to improve patient care in the NHS. If you would like to find out more about research please ask your doctor or nurse.

Medical students may be present in some clinics to observe, as this helps with their training and development. You may be asked if you are willing to be examined by a student. If you do not wish to be seen by students you may refuse. This will not affect your treatment in any way.

At the end of your appointment, you will be handed a form which should be taken back to reception. If a follow up appointment is required this can be arranged at this time.

If you feel you would like further information regarding your medical condition or other health matters, please ask before you leave the clinic. We may have leaflets or telephone numbers/addresses of self-help groups that you can contact.

We are always keen to hear feedback about your experience. Please take a few minutes to complete our Friends and Family survey before you leave the department. Posting boxes and surveys are available in all waiting areas. You can also leave feedback via our Friends and Family page


We use an automated call/text message reminder service, which is provided by a third party company. In most cases you will receive a call/text, reminding you of the time and date of your appointment and it will also give you the opportunity to confirm or cancel your appointment. You will also receive a further reminder 36 hours prior to your appointment.

If you wish to opt out of receiving a reminder, please let us know when you next attend.

You are responsible for ensuring you provide the correct email address and mobile number. You must inform your health and care provider of any changes. This will ensure you don’t miss any information and it avoids information going astray should it be sent to the wrong email or phone number.

In the interests of economy and enhancing our services, we have a contract with a third party supplier who print and post some of our patient letters. This is considered to be a function that is part of the management of the Trust and therefore compliant with data protection legislation.

Travel expenses – Patients who receive state benefits may be entitled to obtain reimbursement of public transport fares. You will need to produce proof of your entitlement, i.e. patient benefit book, letter and your travel tickets. The Receptionist can advise you of the claims process when you attend clinic.

Patient transport – If you require and are eligible for patient transport, please contact the South Central Ambulance Service on 0300 123 9841 who will assess your eligibility/arrange transport. This cannot be done any more than 14 days in advance of your appointment.

Parking – The main public car park is pay-on-foot and the rest are pay-and-display. Patients and/or visitors may be taken to or collected from the main entrance at drop off points, but cars cannot wait in these areas. Discounted and concessionary ticket information is available at the site Parking Office in the main public car park.

Patient assistance – If you are a carer/escort for a patient and you require a wheelchair please ask at the hospital Information Desk where our staff/volunteers will be able to assist you. Unfortunately our receptionist and porters are unable to assist patients getting in or out of cars.